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Dr Arun’s Pest Solutions provides top-rated bed bug control in Bangalore to cater to the needs of a large number of people. Our professionals work hard driven by the right strategy to help you get relief from bedbugs and enjoy a sound sleep. We are familiar with how to control the bedbug. Our professionals take a second-round approximately 15 days after the first attempt to kill the bedbugs completely and ensure that they will not grow again. Hire our bedbug control services at a range of prices based on the size of your home, number of beds, etc.

Bedbugs mostly grow in the warmest atmosphere and tend to breed at a higher rate. Once grown in your bed, it can make your life stressful and you will not be able to enjoy a normal life. Though bedbugs don’t spread any diseases, they will not let you experience a sound sleep. They will bite you at night while sleeping in bed. And it also tends to make an adverse impact on your health. The great paradox about the bedbug is that you will not easily spot it. So, once you notice a bedbug in your home, you need to take immediate action before letting it grow out of control.

We serve as your one-stop destination and help you get rid of completely from bedbugs. As a group of professionals who have years of experience in controlling bedbugs, we at We Care Pest Solutions never leave any stone unturned when it comes to serving you with quality solutions. Our professionals have earned enough experience to diagnose bedbugs and render bedbug treatment with the right strategy. We are capable of treatment of all types of bedbugs and helping you get rid of them completely.

Since every home is unique and different, our professionals spend enough time with you to understand your needs and expectations. It helps us in chalking out the right strategy to help you overcome the bedbug issues. Be it conventional, fumigation, heat treatment; stem remediation canine detection, or bed bug mattress covers, our bed bug control in Bangalore includes everything that caters to the multiple needs and expectations of our customers. We help you get a sigh of relief from bed bugs.

What Our Bedbugs Services Include

We offer our services in different steps. Every step of our service is crucial and serves its unique importance.

  • Once you share your requirements, our professionals perform a thorough inspection of your home to get a complete overview of bug infection and also find certain sports and areas where bugs generally hide.
  • We never ask you to remove your bed while we perform bedbugs control. Our professionals give you a complete surety of your bed for a long time through mattress encasements once we remove bed bugs.
  • We also install bedbug interception devices that work as monitoring devices and can easily detect any type of bed bug activity.

Why We are the Right Choice for Bedbug Control in Bangalore

At Dr Arun’s Pest Solutions, we become satisfied only when our clients get satisfied. We work by prioritizing the needs of clients and delivering the most appropriate solutions that work for them the best.

  • We have years of experience and vast expertise in dealing with and controlling bedbugs
  • Our professionals are highly trained to deal with bedbugs and work with the planned strategy to offer you the best solutions that match your actual business requirements.
  • We use advanced equipment for bedbugs control bangalore that helps us in delivering you the most effective solutions and match your expectations.
  • We use eco-friendly products and materials to control bedbugs and help you get rid of them within less time.
  • We provide budget-friendly bedbug control solutions.

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    Bedbugs Control Packages

    1 BHK

    Bed Bug Treatment
    Rs1600 /-
    • Advanced Chemicals
    • Trained Staff
    • 100 % Effective
    • 3 Months Warranty

    2 BHK

    Bed Bug Treatment
    Rs1800 /-
    • Advanced Chemicals
    • Trained Staff
    • 100% Effective
    • 3 Months Warranty

    3 BHK

    Bed Bug Treatment
    Rs 2000 /-
    • Advanced Chemicals
    • Trained Staff
    • 100% Effective
    • 3 Months Warranty


    Bed Bug Treatment
    Rs 2800 /-
    • Gel Treatment
    • Trained Staff
    • 100% Effective
    • 3 Months Warranty

    Hear From Our Happy Clients

    I tried most of the service providers for bedbug solutions. But, none of them satisfied me as Dr Arun’s Pest Solutions. They are best with their approach, strategy, and hard work.


    They are not only the best with their work but also cordial and behave well. I am highly impressed with the way they served me.


    I was fed up with bedbugs and finally hired we Dr Arun’s Pest Control Solutions. The final result was in fact beyond my expectations.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What causes bedbugs?

    Bedbugs can take place either from old furniture items or infested areas. Besides, the bedbug infection generally takes place in the warm areas of your home.

    Is it possible to control the bedbugs?

    Yes, we provide the top-notch bedbug treatment by taking proper measures be it using chemicals, heat treatment, and more.

    Could you help us get rid of the bedbug permanently?

    Yes. We use top-quality Chemicals and thus help you get rid of bedbugs permanently.

    How much does it cost for bed bug control in bangalore?

    Well, it depends on the type of infection, size of your home, number of furniture items, and many more.